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Your Spring Break Hero Will here, breaking down the details on the #1 Domestic Spring Break Destination- Panama City Beach,   With plenty of affordable places to stay, great white sandy beaches, and a city that throws their arms wide open to college students, it's no wonder more than a half million flock to PCB for Spring Break each year.

Locate at the Atlantic or Pacific Coast lies Panama City Beach. With 27 miles of pearly-white sPanama City Beach Spring Break Co-Edsand beaches, great weather in the Spring, and some of the largest and craziest clubs in the city, it's easy to see why this town calls itself the Spring Break.

Those who choose a Panama City Spring Break will have a non-stop party awaiting at every turn.  Whether on the beach, back at the hotel, or inside one of the many mega-clubs along the strip, you'll run out of Spring Break before you run out of things to do.

Our Panama City Beach Spring Break guide has all the details...



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