- *Entry requiriments

Entry Requirements

A valid passport, and a visa or tourist card, which can be obtained through the airlines, as well as a ticket to leave Panama, and/or documents to enter another country are required to entry. Tourist cards are good for 30 days, renewable in Panama for an additional two months. There is a Departure Tax of $20.00 Customs: Travelers may bring three bottles of liquor an one box (10 packs) of tobacco, into Panama.

The Tourist Card will be given to citizens of independent countries of the Western Hemisphere, except citizens of Cuba. In addition, it will be given to citizens of European countries, except citizens of Yugoslavia and Europeans who previously were citizens of non-democratic countries. Every tourist should carry a valid passport, except citizens of the United States of America, who only need proof of citizenship to obtain a tourist card.  The following persons do not need a tourist visa. Citizens of Costa Rica, Honduras, Spain, Federal Republic of Germany, Great Britain, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden. Citizens  of countries not listed above can obtain a tourist visa from Panamanian consuls abroad and costs $10.  Citizens of countries with a special agreement with Panama may obtain visas free of charge.

Credit Cards

The most common international credit cards used in Panama are: Visa, Master Card, American Express They are widely used and accepted in the majority of establishments.


Light-weight clothing is recommended. Dress for business is formal; a lightweight suit for men, while dresses or pantsuits for women are recommended. A wide brimmed hat and sunglasses are necessary if going to the coast or countryside.

Currency & Local Taxes

Since 1904, the U.S. dollar has been legal tender in Panama. The Balboa, Panama's monetary unit, trades at parity with the dollar. Panama does not print bank notes, except for collector or commemorative purposes, but it does mint its own coins. The Government-owned Banco Nacional act as the nations bank and clearing house for the banking system. Prices may be written in Balboas (B/.) or dollars ($). Travelers' checks and credit cards are widely accepted. International departure tax, at present is US$20.00 collected at the airport. Hotel taxes are 10% The Value Added Tax on goods and services, other than food and drugs, is 5%.


Spanish is Panama official language. English is widely spoken among business, banking, retail and international communities. Hotels, restaurants and tourist-oriented activities have English-speaking personnel.


There is complete freedom of worship in Panama. The majority of Panamanians are Roman Catholic. Because of the wide diversity of the country, there are numerous churches, temples and synagogues everywhere.


Panama City offers a variety of restaurants serving virtually every international cuisine - French, Chinese, Peruvian, Mexican, Italian, Japanese, Indian, American and much more. Be sure to try native dishes like Sancocho, Ceviche, and the Carimanolas, Gallo pinto and others. And it's a pleasure to taste our beers and national liquors. It is not usual for a service charge to be included on the bill in restaurants in Panama. Check with management if you are in doubt. 10% to 15% of the bill would be acceptable.

Climate & Time

The country has a pleasant, tropical climate and an average temperature of 80ºF, which drops comfortably in the evening. Humidity averages 70%. The rainy season lasts from May to December, though it never rains for an entire day. During the dry season, trade winds constantly keep the air fresh. In the mountains the average temperature is 50ºF to 60ºF.

Panama is on U.S. Eastern Standard Time all year. (GMT -5)


+507 6725-5437

Drivers License

Visitors may drive in Panama with the official driver's license of their country of origin for a maximum period of three months.


Panama has a number of very up-to-date private hospitals and clinics the principals being Clinica Paitilla, Clinica Nacional, Clinica America and Clinica San Fernando. For ambulance service call Alert (911)

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